Patrons & Life Members

We wish to recognise and extend our appreciation for exceptional service to our patrons and life members.




Mr John Brennan 
Mr Tony Catchpole  
Mr Jim Kennedy 
Mr Steve Pratt 
Mrs Mary D'Agostino  
Mr David Jarvis 
Mrs Marion Jarvis 
Mr Royce Furlong   
Mrs Robyn Furlong   
Mrs Sue Martison 
Mrs Robyn Pollock   
Mr Barry Murphy
Mr Wayne Martin  
Mr Kim Taylor   
Mr Aneurin Wells
Mrs Bev Dainton 
Mrs Apple Stegner  
Mr Neil Cole 
Mr Phil Shea   
Mrs Mersina Potter   
Mrs Denise Cleasby
Mr Mitch Cleasby  
Mrs Jacquie Cattermole  
Mr Rick Cattermole
Mr Jim Eastabrook 
Mrs Esther Armenti  
Mrs Shannon Davies

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