The Structure of Little Athletics


The National Body controlled by an Annual Conference attended by two delegates from each State and Territory. Between conferences, the Union is controlled by an honorary Executive of two (President and Secretary/Treasurer), who are elected by and responsible to the Union Annual Conference.

Association (Little Athletics Western Australia)

The State Body which has quarterly meetings attended by two delegates from each Centre. Between meetings the Association is controlled by an honorary Board of Management consisting of members who are elected by and responsible to the Centre. In addition, there is an office person to carry out the day to day management of the Association.


Groups of Centres whose responsibility is to conduct the qualifying heats of the State Track and Field Championships.  
(There are 4 Zones in total.  Inglewood is in Zone 3 which consists of Inglewood, Bayswater, Eastern Hills, Kingsway, Swan Valley, Bunbury, Eastern Goldfields and Newman)


A Centre is traditionally composed of Clubs that compete against each other at the Centre. Each Club is managed independently by a Committee of volunteers.
(In 2014 Inglewood dissolved its Clubs, amalgamating its members into a Centre united under one banner. This had many benefits, including access to all equipment and coaches and greater flexibility in training days).


Groups of clubs in an area with an Executive elected by and responsible to a Centre meeting of members.


The registration period in Little Athletics is from October 1st to September 30th.  i.e., once a child is registered, he or she remains registered until the following September 30th.
A child's age at December 31st is the age group into which the child is placed for that entire season.

Little Athletics Western Australia (LAWA)

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