Welcome to the 2019-2020 season

The new season is open for registration.

Important dates to note are as follows:

Sept 23rd: Week commencing 23rd Sept - Mon, Tue and Thur first training sessions. We will be training offsite at Dianella Reserve No 1 - the reserve within the Dianella Open Space nearest Alexander Drive. Please assemble near the clubhouse facility behind the carpark that enters off Light St (near Jim Satchell Community Centre) at 4:30pm for a quick debrief and allocation to coaches. This, and the second week commencing 30 Sept will involve almost entirely running-based training as our Home Ground (Dianella Reserve No 3) will be undergoing critical turf works from Sept 18- Oct 4th. 

Sept 30th: Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Monday - NO TRAINING


Oct 5th 10am - 12pm: Info and Pack Collection Day. We will hold an open day where you can ask any question and pick up your Bib pack inside the clubhouse. All are welcome!

Also 5th Oct 10am - 12pm, Fosbury Flop High Jump Clinic. For any athlete new to Fosbury Flop who wish to get the jump (haha, see what we did there?) on the first high jump comp the following Saturday. Please email if your athlete would like to attend.

Oct 7th: first training week at the Home ground (Mon, Tue, Thur)


Oct 12th: first competition date.

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