ING singlet (example)

Athletes must have their Registration Number and Age Tag affixed to the front of the singlet or t-shirt.     

A white t-shirt is permitted underneath the singlet for sun protection, alternatively Inglewood uniform T-shirts are also available for purchase.

Shorts must be either the ING shorts or plain black shorts.  Logos (other than the ING shorts) must be no bigger than a matchbox.

The ING Uniform MUST be worn on ING competition days and State Run Events.

  • ING singlet - $30
  • ING t-shirt - $30

**Athletes MUST wear either the ING singlet or the ING t-shirt **

  • ING shorts - $30 (optional)
  • ING jacket - $45 (optional)
  • ING training t-shirt $25
  • ING adult long sleeve crickete-style shirt (while in stock) - $25 (optional)
  • ING training 'Run, Jump and Throw' t-shirt - $15 (optional)

Sponsors advertising logos, other than WA Little Athletics sponsor's logos, are not permitted on competition gear.

** Athletes will not be allowed to compete if they are not wearing the correct uniform **

Uniforms are available for purchase at training sessions and competition days.  Any items not in stock can be ordered.  Any questions, please email our Uniform Officer, Kirsten Greenwood.

Spike Shoes (according LAWA Standard Competition Rule #143)

  • Athletes in the U7 - U10 age group may not wear spike shoes.
  • Athletes in the U11 - U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
  • Athletes in the U13 - U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
  • All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.
  • Spike shoes must only be worn during an event and are not to be worn to and from an event.
  • Any number of spikes up to 11 may be accommodated on each shoe, but the number of spike positions shall not exceed 11
  • Spike length (subject to any further constraint from ground policies):

          a.  Synthetic:        Track                                            7 mm maximum           

                                       Long/Triple/High/Javelin              9 mm maximum

           b. Grass:             Track /Long/Triple/High/Javelin   12mm maximum

  • At the WA Athletics Stadium, to maximise performance and prevent damage to the mondo surface, athletes must not use sharp spikes that will penetrate the surface. The mondo track is designed such that blunt spikes will depress the surface and the rebound effect will propel them forward, thereby maximizing performance.
  • The only spikes permitted for use at the WA Athletics Stadium are the ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Pyramid’ Shape variety as pictured. The composition of the spike ie ceramic or metal is irrelevant. ‘Needle’ spikes are sharper than ‘pyramid’ spikes and are NOT permitted.

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