Registration Information



8am 5 SEPTEMBER 2020.

Registrations are to be completed online 

by the parent/caregiver of the registering athlete/s.   

If you are using a KidSport voucher, it must be approved by your local Council BEFORE registering – email your unique code to with KIDSPORT as the Subject
here for more information regarding KidSport vouchers.

2020/2021 Registrations - (for Pre-Existing Registered Athletes)

You can register online in early September.  Go to Results HQ, click Registrations on the Home page, then Retrieve Details and follow the prompts.

The cost of registration is $200 per athlete.  There are no sibling discounts and registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE**. Payment can be made via CC or PayPal.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgotten Password link in the Results HQ login.

2020/2021 Registrations - (for New Athletes)

The cost is $200 per athlete, which is for one full year registration only.  An Inglewood LAC singlet ($25) or t-shirt ($30) is compulsory to compete and may be purchased at one of our training sessions.  There are no sibling discounts and registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE**.

You can register online from early September 2020.  

To register via the online system you will need to login and create a member profile:

  1. Take a picture of your child's Proof of Age (birth certificate or passport)
  2. Access the ResultsHQ login Portal (click Register)
  3. Select 'I don't have an account'
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill out the required fields
  5. The system allows you to add all your family athlete members and will then give them an age group (NB this is determined by birth year - check out the table at the bottom of this page)
  6. Check the terms and conditions required for registering with the Centre. Please read this carefully.
  7. Upload your Proof of Age photo (this will be deleted automatically once the Registrar has viewed it)
  8. Proceed to payment.

If you are having difficulties registering through Results HQ, please email our Registrar. 

If you have difficulty uploading a proof of age during registration, an emailed photograph of the document is acceptable.  

If you register for the new 2020-2021 summer (track and field) season, your $200 membership carries through until winter cross country/ road walks in 2021! If your child is only interested in cross country, you can register at a reduced fee for the winter cross country / road walk season.

New winter athletes (not previously registered for the 2020/2021 season) must create a profile via in the same way as the registration process for summer described above. The cost for winter Cross Country / Road Walks is $100. 

Currently registered summer athletes are already fully paid members of the winter season, however in order to participate, you must nominate via this link no later than 11:59pm Thursday before the competition in which they wish to participate to compete. Use the following guide to register:

  • Complete the Basic Details section with your details
  • Complete  the Additional Info section with your athlete's name
  • Select event that you wish your athlete to compete that weekend (eg U13 boys Road Walking Event 1) and click the 'up' arrow to add a ticket to that event. 
  • Read and agree to the waiver terms
  • Click Next Step and check the details are correct. You should receive a confirmation of registration via email immediately.

Now your athlete is ready to compete! NB extra siblings/ athletes will need to go through the above process again to register.


Age Grid

Click here to see what Age Group your athlete will be in for the 2020/2021 season or alternatively scroll to the table below.


Click here for more information regarding uniforms.

Age Groups

2004 U17
2005 U16
2006 U15
2007 U14
2008 U13
2009 U12
2010 U11
2011 U10
2012 U9
2013 U8
2014 U7
2015 U6

**Partial fee refunds are only given under conditions stipulated by LAWA. Please refer to their Policies page for more information. 

Further Information

If you have any questions, please email our Registrar.


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