Track & Field Comp - Tips and Info

All of our Competition Days are held at Dianella Reserve No 3 : map 

Your first competition day can be daunting, so read on if you would like an overview of a typical Competition Day.


Click here for a diagram of the oval layout.


It is recommended that athletes arrive at 7:45am on Saturday Competition Days or 4:45pm for Twilight Competition Days.  Athletes must compete in their full uniform, including Inglewood shirt, black shorts, number bib, age tag and sponsor's badge. Uniform isn't compulsory during weekday training sessions, however. Check out how to wear the uniform here: Uniform.


All athletes participate in a combined warm-up which is a jog around the oval followed by some dynamic stretching exercises led by our Centre Captains. This usually takes about 10 minutes. The athletes will then need to wait (either with their friends or with their parents/guardians) until they're called for their first event. 


Once the Announcers call the athletes to their events, the athletes must go straight to the Marshalling tent (which is located on the arena).  At Marshalling, the athletes will be gathered together into their age groups and then sent to the site of their first event. Under 6 to Under 12 age groups have an Age  Group Chaperone with them for safety when on the arena. If an athlete is unsure if they have been called to an event, they can ask the Announcers. 


The volunteers at each site will measure/time the athletes' performances and these results will be available weekly on the RESULTS HQ website. Once an event is finished, the athletes leave the arena and wait for their next event to be called.  Please note that athletes are encouraged to do all scheduled events, however it's not compulsory to do so. 


There are three Programs that rotate throughout the season for U8-17 and two for U6 and 7s (Program of Events).  To know which events you are participating in that week you can check the Season Calendar.


Each site will have a Referee (in purple hi-vis vest) - they will oversee the sites and ensure they are running correctly.

Each site will have parent volunteers (in yellow fluoro hi-vis vests) who run the site. For more information about Parent Participation click here.

The Meeting Manger and Assistant Meeting Managers wear pink hi-vis vests and are responsible for overseeing every Competition Day. Only Meeting Managers can verify whether a record has been broken or not.


If you are assisting at a site it is imperative that you check the Centre Record for each group that comes through. This can be found on the recording sheet for each event. If you feel a record may have been broken, DO NOT move anything and call for a Meeting Manager. They will sign the recording sheet if they deem a record to be broken. 


Each family is required to volunteer a specified amount of times per season on site. In general, this amounts to volunteering around half the number of season competitions. For more information about what is expected of you, please click here.

At the start of the season, you will be allocated an area to help out at (eg. Throws, jumps, track etc). You can head straight out to the site and see the Referee who will make a note of your attendance at the site. If you're unsure of where to go or what site you've been allocated, please see the Help Desk in the club hall.


Spectators are welcome behind the viewing fence near the clubhouse or at a distance where there is no contact with the athletes for the children's personal safety (U6s exempt where parents are allowed to stay with their child). Parents/carers who are not volunteering on a site are not allowed onto the arena.  


There are several occasions during the season where we have a Twilight (evening) Competition instead of Saturday morning Competition. Please see Season Calendar for dates.


Athletes, Administrators, Officials, Coaches and Spectatorsare expected to treat everyone around them with respect and to follow the Code of Conduct.

And remember! All adult members of our club are VOLUNTEERS, including the administrators!


The canteen is open on Competition Days. Snacks, fruit, ice creams, drinks and hot food etc is available for purchase.

A coffee van will also be available.


The volunteers at Marshalling will check the athletes to ensure they are in correct uniform. If you need any uniforms, please go to the Help Desk on Competition Days. Uniforms can also be purchased at training sessions.


Athletes are responsible for their own sun protection. Each site where possible, has marquees to provide shade. Sunscreen is available for use in the Club Hall. T-shirts are also available for purchase in the Club Hall. Athletes may wear a hat to their events but they cannot compete with their hats on. 

Read on more more information regarding our Centre;


A Handbook is printed every season and should be used as your 'go to' guide for information regarding the current season, along with results from various event from the previous season. 


Every effort is made to ensure the ING website is kept up to date with all relevant information. If there are any issues or errors with the website please email the Website Administrator. 


There are various state events throughout the season that are run by Little Athletics WA in which Inglewood athletes may attend to compete against other Centres.  They are noted in the Season Calendar. More information regarding these events is available on the Championship Events page. Athletes will be notified about each event closer to the time of each event. 


At the end of the season, Inglewood has their annual Centre Championships. Medals and Trophies are awarded on the day to athletes who finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Minimum volunteering requirements from parents/guardians need to be met for athletes to be eligible for medals or trophies. Click here for more information.


For a list of Rules for each event, click here. This page also has the LAWA Officials Handbook, Competition Rules, ING Code of Behaviour and ING Code of Conduct.


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