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Recognising our LIFE MEMBERS

Volunteers are the backbone of Little Athletics and many live and breathe our club.

When you’re involved with our great club and give so much time and love to the burgundy family over many years, you’re recognised as an Inglewood Little Athletics Centre Life Member.

We’re honoured to have the following people as life members of our club:

  • Mr John Brennan
  • Mr Tony Catchpole
  • Mr Jim Kennedy
  • Mr Steve Pratt
  • Mrs Mary D’Agostino
  • Mr David Jarvis
  • Mrs Marion Jarvis
  • Mr Royce Furlong
  • Mrs Robyn Furlong
  • Mrs Sue Martison
  • Mrs Robyn Pollock
  • Mr Barry Murphy
  • Mr Wayne Martin
  • Mr Kim Taylor
  • Mr Aneurin Wells
  • Mrs Bev Dainton
  • Mrs Apple Stegner
  • Mr Neil Cole
  • Mr Phil Shea
  • Mrs Mersina Potter
  • Mrs Denise Cleasby
  • Mr Mitch Cleasby
  • Mrs Jacquie Cattermole
  • Mr Rick Cattermole
  • Mr Jim Eastabrook
  • Mrs Esther Armenti
  • Mrs Shannon Davies
  • Mr David Rowse
  • Mrs Tammi Doyle
  • Mr George Lazarou

Volunteering is all part of the fun

Volunteering is all part of the fun when your family joins the Inglewood Little Athletics Centre. We have a lot of laughs and our athletes love seeing their families helping in the field or behind the scenes.

Check out our volunteer information to find out how you can get involved.

Keen to join Little Athletics?

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Your budding little athletes will have fun while learning new skills, keeping fit, making friends, and building confidence.

Registrations open on 1 September every year. Head to our registrations page for more information.