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Get your inglewood little athletics uniforms

It’s time to make your child an official member of the burgundy family.

We can’t wait to see your little athlete compete in their official Inglewood uniform. Buying uniforms is really important because athletes can’t compete if they’re not wearing the right uniform.

What is the Inglewood Little Athletics uniform?

Your little athlete can choose between an Inglewood Little Athletics Centre singlet or t-shirt, and then either our club shorts or plain black shorts.

For sun protection, a plain white t-shirt can be worn under the singlet.

Every little athlete must also have their registration number and age tag attached to the front of their top. Click here for diagram.

We have a few optional uniform items for those who want to add more burgundy to their wardrobes.

How much does the uniform cost?

Uniforms can be purchased at training sessions and competition days. We’re well-stocked, but if we don’t have what your child needs, we can easily order it for you.

Here’s the Inglewood Little Athletics uniform list:


  • Inglewood Little Athletics singlet – $30
  • Inglewood Little Athletics t-shirt – $30


  • Inglewood Little Athletics shorts – $30
  • Inglewood Little Athletics jacket – $45
  • Inglewood Little Athletics hoodies – $50
  • Inglewood Little Athletics 50th Anniversary training t-shirt – $15
  • Inglewood Little Athletics training ‘Run, Jump and Throw’ t-shirt – $10
  • Inglewood Little Athletics stubby holders – $5
  • Replacement bib – $8

Uniform guidelines

There are a few uniform guidelines for our athletes and it’s important to keep these in mind during the season:

  • Athletes will not be allowed to compete unless they are wearing the correct uniform
  • Logos on shorts (other than the Inglewood Little Athletics shorts) must be smaller than the size of a matchbox
  • Sponsors advertising logos, other than WA Little Athletics sponsor’s logos, are not permitted on competition gear


If you have any questions about the uniform rules, your child’s coach or any of our amazing committee members will be happy to answer them.

Rules about spike shoes at Little Athletics

You may see some of our little athletes wearing spike shoes when they train and compete. There are Little Athletics WA competition rules which apply to spike shoes, including:

  • Athletes in the U7 – U10 age group may not wear spike shoes.
  • Athletes in the U11 – U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
  • Athletes in the U13 – U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump, and javelin.
  • All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.
  • Spike shoes must only be worn during an event and are not to be worn to and from an event


You can read more about the rules for spike shoes on the Little Athletics WA website and in the Inglewood Little Athletics 2023/24 Yearbook.

Need more information about uniforms?

If you have questions about the Inglewood Little Athletics uniform, come and see us on training or competition days, or email our Uniform Officer, Kirsten Greenwood, at