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Many volunteers, one Little Athletics club

Like all kids’ sports, our amazing centre simply wouldn’t exist without our volunteers

We’re a big athletics centre and we run a fantastic program for our burgundy family, but we really can’t do it without you.

Each week we need more than 100 volunteers to help competition day run smoothly. On average, we need one parent for every three athletes – but don’t worry, there’s lots of different ways you can help.

Volunteer roles

Volunteering is heaps of fun. Not only that, your cheers, support, and encouragement help Team Burgundy be their best.

Here’s some of the ways you can get involved:

  • coaching
  • managing
  • officiating
  • setting up and packing away equipment
  • recording
  • retrieving throwing equipment (throws)
  • measuring/timing
  • raking a sand pit (jumps)
  • helping in the canteen
  • joining the committee.


Check out our duty list which provides more information about the volunteer roles we need to fill during the year.

Give a little, help a lot

Every family is asked to volunteer a certain number of times each season.

For the 2023/24 season, families are asked to help seven (7) times during our competition weeks, as well as at least twice (2) during our centre championships. This works out at once every fortnight, and you can choose which competition days suit you.

Volunteer roles such as set-up and coaching require a weekly commitment throughout the season – more information on the roles of coaching and set-up can be found here.

Only one parent (or family representative) needs to volunteer on competition days. We really appreciate the extra help when two parents (or family representatives) help out, but this doesn’t amount to two volunteering occasions.

If your family doesn’t meet the minimum volunteering requirements (this doesn’t happen very often because our burgundy families are amazing), your athletes will not be eligible to medal at the centre championships, or receive a medal or trophy at the end of the season.

Find out more about volunteering

Your Inglewood Little Athletics Centre Yearbook 2023/24  includes a section about volunteering as well as the parent participation terms and conditions and parent declaration.

If you’d like more information, email us at