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little athletics summer competition day

Fun in the sun, every Saturday morning during summer

The Inglewood Little Athletics Centre comes alive every Saturday morning during the summer season for competition day.

Summer season competition day is where all the training and hard work pay off and your little athlete gets the chance to compete, be their best, and have fun.

There’s plenty of support, loads of cheering and miles of mateship on competition day.

We start at 7:45am on Saturday competition days, and thanks to our dedicated committee members, coaches and volunteers, we run a super organised morning of competition. We aim to finish each week by 12:00pm.

It’s fantastic fun and we can’t wait to see your family there.

Competition day schedule

We get straight into in on competition day.

Everything you need to know is in your Inglewood LAC Yearbook , but here’s a summary of what to expect:

  • After a 10-minute warm up on arrival (a jog around the oval and stretching exercises), your little athletes wait with you or their friends to be called for their first event.
  • Once your athletes are called to their events, they head go to the marshalling tent on the arena where they gather by age group and move to their first event.
  • Little athletes aged between 6 and 12 always have a chaperone to help guide them around the arena. If an athlete misses their call or isn’t sure where to go, our announcers are always there to help.
  • Volunteers at each event measure and time the athletes’ performances. Results are available weekly on the ResultsHQ website.
  • Once an event finishes, the athletes leave the arena and wait for their next event to be called. 
  • The Meeting Manager and Assistant Meeting Managers (wearing light blue vests) oversee every competition day. Only Meeting Managers can verify whether a record has been broken or not. Any protests must be made in writing (email) to the Meeting (‘Arena’) Manager. The Meeting Manager will have absolute discretion in determining any protest.
  • Each event site has a referee (wearing a purple vest) and parent volunteers who run the site (wearing yellow vests).
  • There are three event programs  that rotate throughout the season for U8-17 and two for U6 and 7s. You can check the season calendar to see which events your little athlete is participating in each week.

Don’t forget to head to the canteen on competition day. You can buy snacks, fruit, ice creams, drinks, and hot food to enjoy.

What to bring on competition day

All little athletes need to compete in full uniform, including Inglewood shirt, black shorts, number bib, age tag and sponsor’s badge. 

Remember to wear sunscreen, bring a hat, and don’t forget your water bottles!

Rules for spike shoes

Winter competition

Athletes who register to participate in the winter program compete on Saturday afternoons from April to August.

Competition generally rotates between cross country runs and road walks, and takes place at various locations across Perth (in conjunction with host athletics centres and Athletics West).

Cross country runs are open to athletes U7 – U17 with race distances from 1000m – 3000m, depending on your little athlete’s age.

Winter road walks are open to athletes U9 – U17 with distanced from 1000m to 2000m, depending on your little athlete’s age.

For more information, you can check out the events calendar on the Athletics West website.

Senior 'Strive' season competition

Friday night is competition night for senior athletes  who have registered for the Athletics West ‘Strive’ Program. Competition takes place at the WA Athletics Stadium and is open to athletes aged 11 and over.

Race dates are listed in the Season Calendar. You need to register and pay in the week prior to the meet for each event you want to compete in by clicking on the event in the Athletics West Calendar.

Event calendar & program

You can download a copy of the Inglewood Little Athletics Centre event calendar and summer program of events on our calendar page.

Championship events

Every summer your little athlete can participate in a series of inter-centre competitions to challenge themselves against other athletes.

The dates for these championships are included in the Inglewood Little Athletics Calendar 2023/24 and posted on the Athletics West website.

Athletes need to nominate for each championship event by the closing date. Late nominations will not be accepted.

As with all Inglewood Little Athletics events, parent volunteering is required.

Competition day results

It’s pretty exciting when your little athlete has competed strongly, improved their performance or achieved a personal best.

You can see all the results from summer and winter competition by logging in to ResultsHQ (you’ll need your user name and password).

For queries about summer season results, email our Records and Ranking Officer at For queries about winter results, email our winter officer at

Competition rules and resources

Athletics West governs the rules of competition for Little Athletics Centres and clubs across Western Australia.

You can download a copy of the Rules for Competition from the Athletics West website.

Information for officials

The Australian Athletics Officials Education Committee has developed a list of handy links for athletics officials.

Visit for more information.

Key Officials

Competition Director:

George Lazarou

Meeting Managers:

Ashton Eva and Jason Andrews


George Lazarou, Michael Icanovski and George Pappas

U6 Coordinator:

Emma Hadfield

Starters and Assistant Starters:

Brad Francis, Karl Weber, Troy Smith, Adam Eccleston, Terri Hatelie, David O’Heare and Robert Carrabba


Lisa Wight, Jason Wight and Ainsley Chadwick

Long Track:

Ebony Talbert, Michelle Teasdale and Viren Corda

Short Track:

Steve Borman, Ozric Powell and Marcus Hall


Tammi Doyle Penny McNiff, Bozana Judd,

Chelsea Whiteside, Justin Hii and Travis Styles


(Senior and Junior):

Jodie Walsh, Rhiannan Eva, Malachi Mackay,

Ryan Hernandez, Gareth